Why people are so interested in investment banking

If you’re looking for possible jobs in finance, you’re bound to have seen the appeal of working in investment banking. Many financial professionals such as qualified Chartered Accountants, eventually go into the field of investment banking for a variety of reasons. This is also a popular question for interviewers: “So why are you interesting in becoming an investment banker?” And many interviewees’ answers seem to fall short. If you’re interested in finance and are considering a career in investment banking, read on to find out why it is such an attractive choice.

1. Investment banking looks glamorous

Investment bankers always look fantastic. They’re polished, well-groomed and wear the most expensive suits. They flaunt the glamorous side of their jobs at university job fairs and well, pretty much everywhere else. It’s tough to see just how hard they had to work to be able to wear that gold watch or ridiculously expensive suit. It all looks very impressive on the outside. That’s because of the next big reason why investment banking is so attractive.

2. It’s all about the money

For some, this is the only reason why they would enter into a career in investment banking. It’s no secret that these bankers are coining it, but at what cost? You see the results of earning all that money on the outside, as mentioned above, but you don’t see the long hours, the stress and the general anxiety that goes with it.

3. The lifestyle money can buy

It all relates back to the money, but investment bankers definitely live it up when they’re not toiling 18 hours a day. They order the most expensive champagne at a restaurant, and really enjoy the status the money buys. Expensive cars, kids in private schools and admiration from envious strangers is all part of the deal.

4. They genuinely love the job

There are some people that have always wanted to work with money and finances, so this is a dream job. It’s no shocker when you find out that the kid who always seemed to have his own rather large stash of money he saved up over the years has grown up to work in finance. For some, it’s part of who they are. They are enthusiastic about their jobs and extremely good at what they do. If you’re in an interview for a banker position, and genuinely love all things finance, don’t hesitate to let the interviewer know.

5. Invaluable experience and contacts

Having experience as an investment banker will look good on any CV. You will meet interesting people, learn a lot, gain amazing experience and then be able to take those skills to something else. Perhaps it’s starting your own business or applying those skills in teaching at a tertiary institution. You may even be able to stash your amazing earnings, invest wisely and simply retire young. The choice is yours.

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