When are you too old to get an MBA?

Those in finance and business, such as those with financial manager jobs, would probably be interested in obtaining their MBA at one point. Gone are the days where you would have to get your studies over in your 20s, as many applicants for the MBA programme start their studies about a decade after graduating from their first degree. However, despite this stage, there is in fact an age limit to when you could be too old to enrol in an MBA programme.

Work experience is a major factor when screening applicants for an MBA. Older hopefuls can usually see themselves being accepted as they have the advantage of being more experienced in their jobs. However, too much experience can actually be a disadvantage, according to Business Week. Those who have been at their jobs for too long seem to be very set in their ways, thus making it difficult for them to thrive in the MBA programme.

So when exactly are you too old? The Globe and Mail did an article where they interviewed a businesswoman who enrolled into her MBA at 42. She wasn’t exactly the oldest person in her class, with students in their 50s studying alongside her. Despite this, that sort of age group is certainly not the rule. The average MBA applicant is 29 years old.

When deciding whether an MBA would be worth it, one must consider their age. If getting an MBA is something you wish to do to create a fresh start career-wise, applying in your 50s may be a waste of time. However, if you are looking to give yourself a leg-up and want to upskill, obtaining an MBA could be extremely beneficial, provided you have the time to study.


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