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Investing in Art

If you plan on retiring well, don’t rely on a pension fund alone to provide for your golden years. It’s better to make sound investments to prepare for your old age spent languishing on a yacht or hosting Scrabble parties at your beach abode. Property is going to take a long time to recover after […]

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The best investment, 4 tips on investing in industrial property

Tips on investing in industrial property Even though the property market appears to be slow at the moment, all real estate agents will continue to reassure investors and buyers that in the long-term, property does ultimately continue to appreciate, and that it is one of the most stable investments anyone can make. Whether you’re an […]

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How to more easily afford your new home

How to more easily afford your new home Property is one of the biggest investments you will make in your lifetime and with property prices increasing again after slump during the recession, it may seem like a mountain to climb to be able to afford to buy a house. It’s all about mindset and making […]

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The 2012 International Property Rights Index

In 2007 the International Property Rights Index was established as a system to determine the level of property rights (legal and political, intellectual, and physical) available to countries and the individuals within. Property rights give citizens of countries the right to trade, to do business, to own property, to be protected by the legal system […]

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Can a landlord cancel a lease agreement if they want to increase rental?

Higher inflation and lower salaries have made it increasingly difficult for many people to purchase their own homes. This has paved the way for a ”boom” in the property rental market. Many people are now faced with all kinds of rental lease agreements, many being confusing and in most cases tenants are not properly informed […]

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Enforcing a judgement debt in a case of an arbitration agreement?

Arbitration in South Africa has become a far easier and more affordable way of settling disputes. Even the common layman can easily defend himself and his rights with out incurring great costs or waiting long periods of time waiting for court litigation. When a dispute involves technical matters, it is often useful to arbitrate the […]

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Bills of Exchange 2 defines a bill of exchange in the following terms: An unconditional order issued by a person or business which directs the recipient to pay a fixed sum of money to a third party at a future date. The future date may be either fixed or negotiable. A bill of exchange must be in writing […]

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Bills of Exchange 1

As discussed in articles 1 and 2 on financing (see previously published articles), capital is collective wealth that is invested in industry, finance is the mechanism by which investment operates, and international finance is the process whereby the wealth inherent in one nation is used to develop another nation. It is often profitable to demonstrate […]

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Finance (Part 2)

The first part of this article looked at the finance industry as a marketplace where those who have managed to save wealth, in the form of capital, can sell that wealth to those who need it in order to fund a business, infrastructure development or the purchasing of assets like, for example, the property for […]

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Finance (Part 1)

This article is geared towards introducing the finance industry to relative new comers who are interested in learning more before signing over hard earned capital to investment fund managers. The article is divided into two sections: the first article will look specifically at the idea of capital investment and capital borrowing, and focuses on the […]

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Step-by-step guide to building a home

When it comes to building a home, there are different methods used by contractors all over the world, based on […]

Why people are so interested in investment banking

If you’re looking for possible jobs in finance, you’re bound to have seen the appeal of working in investment banking. […]

South Africa still the world’s best place for mining operations

South Africa has a long and rich history of mining. In fact, the nation has been built around the industry, […]

When are you too old to get an MBA?

Those in finance and business, such as those with financial manager jobs, would probably be interested in obtaining their MBA […]

Predicting stock markets through art

Predicting stock markets through art During May 2013, art auctioneers in London and other auction houses around the world were somewhat […]

How house prices in different areas affect each other

You may not believe it, but property prices in different areas can have a considerable impact on one another: indeed, […]